Express-interview with Bill Gassett (RE/MAX Executive Realty)

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Specially for the RealtyBlogger.net in terms of our summer marathon we have interviewed the one of the top agents in Massachusetts — Bill Gassett.

Elena: We try to start MLS in Ukraine. I know that MLS is the basic tool in realtor activity in USA. What services gives MLS to realtors, what information access has realtor using MLS (for example, to real estate registers)?

Bill: Each area has there own MLS board which provides the service and charges the Realtor for access. For example I pay $81 a quarter year to have access. Every Realtor needs this. You can not do Real Estate without it.

Elena: There are heated arguments today in Ukaine on a theme, whether the Law about real estate, licensing and quota realtors is needed. According your experience, what do you think, which pitfalls we should wait from licensing? How is american realtor receives the work permit, what education (courses?) it should receive?

Bill: I am not sure I understand most of this question. In order to get your license you have take a course over a period of a few months. After completing this you must pass a test. If you don\’t pass you can\’t practice. In my opinion it is far too easy to become a Realtor.

Elena: What negative sides are at MLS, in your opinion? How it can be avoided?

Bill: I do not really think there is anything negative.

Elena: What your personal record on real estate sale?

Bill: I have been one of the top RE/MAX agents in Massachusetts for many years. I started in 1986!

Elena: Was any deal in your activity, which is shame on you?

Bill: No I have never done anything illegal or wrong.

Elena: During what time you can sell real estate, without the aid of the counterpart? And in what case you can refuse to the counterpart the joint deal?

Bill: There are no laws governing this. You can sell on your own as soon as you have a license. You must work for a Broker though. You can not work for your own company without a brokerage license. In order to get a brokerage license you have to be a sales associate for 2 years.

Thank you, Bill for the instant reply. Good Luck to you and to your business!

Elena and Oleg.

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